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The city of Brownsville, TX offers many things to see and do. A recent initiative to decorate the community has led to multiple large-scale Brownsville Texas murals appearing on walls around the area. This trend extends throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley area, but Brownsville offers the most concentrated and contentious options for viewing. If you live in Brownsville TX or are visiting from elsewhere, you should schedule some time to view the latest Brownsville mural.

List of Brownsville Texas Murals to Visit

The four Brownsville TX mural designs listed here range across the city and give you plenty of interesting things to see and contemplate. Some have become popular points of pride in the community while others have faced mixed reactions. Take some time to explore and make up your mind about these impressive art pieces.

Capitol Theater Building Mural – Levee Street in Brownsville TX

The first commission by the city of Brownsville left some residents dissatisfied because it was not done by a local artist. California artist Teddy Kelly designed and painted the piece, which cost $20,000. The so-called BTX mural spans the broad side of the historic Capitol Theater, which is painted bubblegum pink in its entirety.


The design itself features a shadowed “BTX” standing out from a collection of colorful shapes, lines, dots, and patterns. The fun and energetic modern art mood have sparked many conversations and online interest whenever visitors post photos. Make up your mind when you take a walk through downtown Brownsville and visit this unique 1928 theater building.


Elon Musk Mural Brownsville – Boca Chica to Mars

The Elon Musk Brownsville mural is painted across the front of the Livery building on East Adams St. This Brownsville mural was commissioned as part of his promise to give the struggling area $10 million to help revitalize the urban center. The Milliken-Garza Gallery next door revealed the BTX mural, which is prominently titled ‘Boca Chica to Mars.’ It features a huge picture of Elon Musk and four colorful square images of a spacecraft and a round planet backdrop.


In conjunction with the Elon Musk Brownsville mural, the gallery has also decided to focus on SpaceX and the launch site in nearby Boca Chica. Some of the art displays include local photographers’ records of the development project. This allows locals and visitors to follow along and learn about the project.

Sofia Castellanos Brownsville Texas Mural – To the Other Side of the Cosmos

Another Brownsville mural, not designed or painted by a local artist, is “The Other Side of the Cosmos” by Sofia Castellanos, a well-known Mexican artist. She did work with local artists and students from the Brownsville Performing Arts Academy and the Revival of Cultural Arts (RoCA) to finish the project. The mural itself is across from the academy on 11th street, decorating the entire Craftland building wall.

To the Other Side of the Cosmos brownsville texas mural

This unique painting is a type of cultural portal that integrates outer space, hidden worlds, and a magical experience of infinite possibility. The artist describes her work as a way to ‘transport you somewhere else.’ The prominent inclusion of monarch butterflies represents a connection between Mexico and Texas that mimics the insect’s migratory path. The mural also boasts a powerful female warrior intended to inspire everyone who sees it.

Sofia Castellanos Mural – To the Other Side of the Cosmos

George Floyd Brownsville TX Mural by Marcos Castro

The final Brownsville, TX mural on this list of art spots to visit features a stylized image of George Floyd, butterflies, and protestors standing for positive change. The artist, Marcos Castro, hopes his work inspires new action for racial justice especially when it comes to police work across the

The mural itself is much smaller than the others mentioned here and not commissioned for large sums of money. It is tucked away behind an old building and vies for attention with graffiti. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant piece of artwork that presents something important that everyone should pay more attention to in these troubled times.

Visit the Downtown Brownsville TX Murals

Whether you enjoy their art styles and content or not, these Brownsville, Texas mural designs are sure to spark interest. Walk or drive by and take some time to explore the unique and diverse styles of local and renowned artists.

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